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FPGA Application and Design Resources – What’s New

Microchip’s VectorBlox Accelerator

  • VectorBlox Accelerator Software Development Kit and Neural Networking IP
  • Easy way for software developers to program a trained neural network without prior FPGA expertise
  • Make neural network algorithm development easy, while leveraging Low-Power FPGAs and Smart Embedded Vision solutions
VectorBlox Toolkit

Accelerate Smart Embedded Vision at the Edge

Supporting 4K resolutions with low-power 12.7 Gbps SERDES, PolarFire® FPGA Smart Embedded Vision solutions include video, imaging, machine learning IP, and tools for accelerating designs that require high performance in low-power, small form-factors across the industrial, medical, broadcast, automotive, aerospace and defense markets.

Smart Embedded Vision

Get Started with a PolarFire Development Kit

Evaluate the capabilities and features of the PolarFire FPGA family with our development kits. They speed up your development and accelerate your time to market.

Say Hello to FPGAs

The Hello FPGA kit is a low-cost, compact-sized, entry-level platform targeted towards end users with low to medium FPGA knowledge. The kit supports powerful demos in image processing, signal processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI).